Let’s Rank every ZELDA

I love ranking franchises. This format has been super fun to incorporate everyone's different thoughts. The zelda series was more divisive than I thought.  I originally thought of each Zelda game as more or less than the same formula. While the main gameplay is similar, each title generally has a unique gimmick that can breathe life into the game or become tedious.     I quite enjoyed blasting through a few hours of games I'd never touched before like spirit tracks, Oracle of Seasons, and I even bought my first 3DS for Link Between Worlds.      


From a podcast presentation perspective, this is the episode where the most people sent their thoughts. Incorporating as much as I could ended up making this one the most wordy and scripted. I felt like I lost some natural energy and momentum with this style, but I was happy to try it and will keep trying to refine my process. 

CRPG Buyer’s Guide - Which one is for you

Mat and his best friend (confirmed) talk about CRPGs. Why the c? Are they too nerdy to get into? You're listening to a video game podcast so that won't be a problem for you.   thanks for listening and being a nerd like me

Let’s Rank Dark Souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro

The Chat and I Rank Metal Gear Solid games worst to best

Elden Ring Trailer Leak - What I Think and What I Want


our discord submitted their ranked lists and we put them through the math-ma-tron for the final group results. 

Our Favourite Video Game Romances

Video version on youtube.   I muse about the video game romances that have stuck with me through the years and the chat/discord contributes theirs.

Balan demo, Steam Fest Demo Recco. Micro Flight Sim, Retromania, Displaying games on a shelf

thanks for listening.  Hope you are well in the times we'll tell our grandkids or other people's grandkids about. Will they find it interesting? Maybe.  I would find a house lockdwn and curfew quite interesting.  When older people would tell me a candy bar was a nickel i always asked how much did you make per hour, and they usually cant remember. Maybe they'd have more money if they cared more about work than candy bars. 

Tencent buying EA, Cloud Gaming a threat to consoles?

From a live stream podcast, chatting with the chat.   If you're reading this, thanks for listening.......and reading

Cyberpunk 2077 Final Impressions

Mandalorian Finale Review

Neuromancer Review - The Birth of Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk 2077 - Review - First Impressions

Mat Reviews the first few hour of Cyberpunk 2077 - Spoilers of first few hours

Mandalorian Review- Ch.12 biggest reveal yet

ChatCast- No Elder Scrolls VI on PS5? Stadia/GeForce, Who’s the face of gaming?,

Mat talks with the chat about Microsoft owning Bethesda, game stream services, steam, the face of gaming and more

ChatCast - Will Game Consoles update yearly like smart phones?

May talks to the chat about the pros and cons of  game consoles changing their release timelines.

Is Kickstarter Good for gaming?

My Top 10 Scary Games

Let’s Talk about Remasters and Remakes - Top 10 future remasters

TENET was my first Drive-in Movie

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