Let’s Rank every ZELDA

March 17, 2021

I love ranking franchises. This format has been super fun to incorporate everyone's different thoughts. The zelda series was more divisive than I thought.  I originally thought of each Zelda game as more or less than the same formula. While the main gameplay is similar, each title generally has a unique gimmick that can breathe life into the game or become tedious.     I quite enjoyed blasting through a few hours of games I'd never touched before like spirit tracks, Oracle of Seasons, and I even bought my first 3DS for Link Between Worlds.      


From a podcast presentation perspective, this is the episode where the most people sent their thoughts. Incorporating as much as I could ended up making this one the most wordy and scripted. I felt like I lost some natural energy and momentum with this style, but I was happy to try it and will keep trying to refine my process.